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Contest rules

Who can participate?
  • soccer fans
  • amateur soccer players
  • Casual jugglers
  • Youth attending soccer schools
  • Neighbourhood ASC members

NB: This competition is not opened to professionals.

Mandatory condition:

To be Senegalese and reside in Senegal

How to participate ?
  • Subscribe to Kirene_sn pages
  • Share your best juggling video
  • Tag @Kirene_sn
  • Add the hashtag #Thirsttowin
What are the criteria to be selected?
  1. Feature a bottle of Kirène on the video – one of the conditions below:
    • Take a sip before you start or after
    • pput the bottle next to you
    • hold it while juggling
  2. Be creative :
    • Have the most beautiful video: setting, music, outfit
    • Have a good technique
    • Integrate as many figures as possible: (feet, shoulders, knees, head)
  3. Involve your family and friends to increase your chances
    • Get people to like your video
    • Share it and comment
How many winners will be chosen?

The 5 best videos will be selected:

1st winner: The big prize

4 other winners will receive a sum of money:

2nd: 150,000 F

3rd: 100,000 F

4th: 100,000 F

5th: 100,000 F

The big prize?

1 trip to Paris to attend a PSG match at the Parc des Princes

Supported by the Kirène Group:

  • Airline ticket
  • Visa fees
  • PCR test (round trip)
  • Lodging and meals
  • Admission to the stadium

The winner must:

  • Have a passport (the cost of obtaining a passport will not be covered by the Kirene Group)
  • Have a parental authorization if he/she is a minor
  • Be vaccinated: AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna

Under no circumstances will the grand prize be exchanged for its cash value, nor will it be exchanged for another prize. If a winner does not respect the 5-day deadline for accepting his/her prize, he/she will not be able to obtain a substitute prize under any circumstances. However, in case of an event beyond its control, the Kirène Group reserves the right to substitute another prize of equivalent value at any time without prior notice. The Participant will not be able to claim any indemnity from the Kirène Group for this reason.

The prize cannot be transferred or offered to a third party. Only the participant (juggler) will be entitled to it.FF.


The participants’ videos will be shared on the Kirene_sn pages.

The pictures of the 05 winners will also be used for a TV advertorial and on digital in the context of the competition.

Participation in the game and the transmission of videos implies acceptance by each participant, winner or not, of the conditions defined in Article 5 of these rules and in particular all authorizations for the use of images and the transfer of the intellectual property rights on the photographs.

The participant declares that he/she is the author of the videos transmitted as part of his/her participation in this contest and/or that he/she holds all intellectual property rights on them. The Participant is aware that the videos submitted are his/her sole responsibility and that in the event of violation of these conditions, he/she will be held responsible.


The Kirène Group will not be liable in the event of misdirection of a video or a wrong hashtag used or if one of the conditions is not respected, nor in the event of interruption of internet communications or alteration of the participations (network communication, network interruption, etc.).

The Kirène Group will not be held responsible if, due to reasons beyond its control or if circumstances require it and without justification, the contest should totally or partially be postponed, modified, cancelled or interrupted.

The Participant acknowledges having read and accepted the conditions of these rules and the conditions of participation.

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