From the launch of Kirène, the first 100% Senegalese natural mineral water, to the creation of the Présséa brand, to the launch of the partnership with PepsiCo, the history of the Kirène Group is written day after day through many highlights…
Launch of Kirène, the first 100% Senegalese natural mineral water
The Group is launching “Kirène” the first 100% Senegalese natural mineral water, thus successfully meeting its first challenge, to produce and market locally quality mineral water, adapted to the purchasing power of Senegalese.
Présséa: birth of our tasty nectars, to share with the family
Creation of the Présséa brand, leader in the nectar market. Over the years, the Présséa range has been constantly enriched with new flavours, with a high fruit content. 13 flavours packaged in aseptic and recyclable Tetra Pak ® are now available, for the pleasure of the whole family. Présséa participates in the development of the Bissap sector, by collecting several tons of hibiscus flowers from local producers each year to use in the preparation of its tasty Bissap juice.
Candia Le Lait: Senegalese progress
The Kirène Group launches the production and marketing of Candia Le Lait, under the Candia franchise, in association with Sodiaal, the largest dairy cooperative in France. With Candia Le Lait, the Kirène Group is further strengthening its commitment to the development of local sectors. Candia Le Lait contains milk from Senegalese farms from our approved breeders.
Launch of Kirène “La pétillante” sparkling mineral water
The Kirène Group innovates and diversifies once again by launching its own brand of carbonated water: "La Pétillante". Available in supermarkets and hypermarkets, as well as in hotels, bars and restaurants, it stands out thanks to its fine bubbles and its particularly elegant and easy-to-handle bottle. Bottled, carbonated at the source and controlled daily, it is microbiologically pure and rich in mineral virtues.
Candia 500 ml: new packaging and launch of flavored milk (strawberry and vanilla)
Whole milk or semi-skimmed milk, vanilla flavor or strawberry flavor, the Kirène Group is launching a new 500 ml brick format with a clever cap that makes it easier to open and store. Candia flavored milk is available in two formats: Candy'up 200 ml ideal for children and Candia 500 ml suitable for young and old.
So Fresh!
Everyday life is full of activities, moments of conviviality, moments to do what we love, to enjoy the people we love, pure moments of joy! Présséa Fresh is at the heart of all these moments: to share, to give energy, to take a regenerating break. Présséa gives us that little something that makes the difference and causes us FREEESHNESS and EXPLOSION OF JOY.
The Group deploys in Côte d’Ivoire
Through its subsidiary AGROCI, the Kirène Group produces and markets Kirène mineral water as well as Présséa nectars and Présséa Fresh beverages in Côte d'Ivoire within an ultra-modern plant, located about 50 km east of Abidjan.
Présséa Fresh: Launch of cans
Présséa Fresh fruity fresher is available in cans. With a different recipe from Présséa Nectar and Présséa Fresh PET and a fruit content of up to 20%, the Fresh cans meet the need for a fruity drink on the go, on any occasion
The Kirène Group and Pepsico, a partnership that can only be good
The Kirène Group and Pepsico have set up a partnership for the production and marketing in Senegal of the soft drink brands Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Seven Up and Mirinda.
Présséa innovates with the Mini Présséa 200 ml
Présséa offers a new briquette format "edge format" 200 ml with cardboard straws that respect the environment. Thanks to its fruity and preservative-free recipe, Les Mini Présséa are ideal for bringing energy and vitality to children.

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