Univers Présséa

This innovation was born from the desire of Présséa, the leader in the nectar market, to diversify and offer different categories of drinks.
So Fresh!
On a daily basis, a lot of things happen in everyone's life; activities, moments of conviviality, moments to do what you love, to enjoy the people you appreciate, pure moments of joy! Présséa Fresh is at the heart of all these moments: to share, to energize, to take a refreshing break. Présséa gives us that little something that makes the difference and that provokes in us FREEESHEUR and EXPLOSION OF JOY.
Présséa Fresh: Launch of cans
The fruity freshness of Présséa Fresh is available in cans. With a different recipe from Présséa Nectar and Présséa Fresh PET and a Fruit content of up to 20%, Fresh cans meet the need for a fruity drink on the go, for any occasion.

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