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The brand

The KIRÈNE GROUP produces and markets the PRÉSÉA brand, which includes the PRÉSÉA (1L) and PRÉSÉA FRESH nectars, a delicious fruit drink packaged in bottles (1L and 330 ml) and 250 ml cans.

A favorite range of nectars for Senegalese since 2005, PRÉSÉA offers tasty fruit juices, without preservatives and packaged in aseptic Tetra Pak packaging which guarantees long preservation of their vitamins and good natural taste.

Launched in 2018, PRÉSÉA FRESH is first marketed in bottle format then, from 2020, in can format. Light fruit drink, refreshing and accessible to all budgets, PRÉSÉA FRESH can be consumed anywhere, at any time of the day, for a delicious break full of “freeesheur”!

« On the go » in its can format, PRÉSSÉA FRESH is ideal for family ceremonies, small daily breaks or even after a meal.


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