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Through a partnership, the Kirène group and PepsiCo – an American multinational – specializing in the agri-food sector, produce and market the international brands Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Seven Up and Mirinda in Senegal.

In an economic context that increasingly calls for boosting local jobs, the Senegalese industrial agri-food company has made “Made in Senegal” its credo. Today, the Kirène Group is committed to making in Senegal, manufacturing in Senegal and consuming Senegalese. It is with this objective that these major international brands were targeted in order to consume a product made in Senegal and which will be the pride of the Group.

The Kirène group further enriches its range with soft drinks, through the introduction of the star brand Pepsi with a Cola taste, accompanied by Pepsi max without sugar, Seven Up which marked the generation of the 90s in Senegal and Miranda with its three perfumes, pineapple, orange and fruit in 330 ml can format and in 250 ml and 1 liter bottles.

PepsiCo already has 12 franchise agreements in Africa, particularly in Côte d’Ivoire, and intends to strengthen its presence in Senegal, considered a key market with more than 150 million liters of soft drinks consumed on average per year in the country. A major innovation, matured over 2 years and which highlights the Kirène Group’s desire to complete its portfolio of beverage brands and offer more choices to Senegalese consumers. Strengthened by its position as agri-food leader in the field of water, juice and milk, the company wishes to maintain more than ever its dynamic of efficient and winning innovation on the market.

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