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Customer Account Manager

Functions and tasks

As part of the management of customer account openings, he/she is responsible for:

  • From receipt of administrative documents (NINEA/ RC, CIN copy etc.);
  • Information on customer files and their validation;
  • The establishment of sales contracts;
  • Scanning, filing and updating files;
  • Reconciliation of purchase orders;
  • The development of a table for monitoring feedback from blockages.

As part of the management of customer accounts, he/she is responsible for:

  • Keeping and filing sales and payment documents in customer files (scanning all documents);
  • Client account reconciliation with accounting (daily, weekly, and monthly);
  • Editing and distribution of schedules, receipt of recovery schedules;
  • Monitoring recovery schedules and analyzing achievements;
  • Calculation of discounts and monitoring of RRR according to signed contracts, customer account adjustment requests and monitoring with control;
  • Calculation and monitoring of assets with the invoicing and control manager;
  • This monitors the key indicators of the accounts receivable dashboard.

As part of the management of the schedule and collection, he/she is responsible for:

  • The organization of collection meetings;
  • Monitoring and reporting of the action plan;
  • The organization and daily monitoring of the recovery schedule;
  • From the receipt of payments and copies, to ensure that the outstanding amount complies with the invoice before transmission to the customer.

He/she aims to appropriate and achieve the objectives set by the sales department.

As part of reporting, he/she is responsible for preparing:

  • Monthly report on the status of term vs cash accounts;
  • Weekly report on outstanding loans, bills in accounts with due dates;
  • Daily, weekly and monthly report on the evolution of collections vs deadlines;
  • Monthly report on the number of account openings by type of customer and by salesperson;
  • Monthly report on the value of credit notes, discounts and rebates granted to customers;
  • Weekly and monthly report on the number of accounts reconciled with accounting;

In addition, he/she must ensure:

  • Compliance with procedures, work processes, deadlines and defined guidelines;
  • To carry out any other task entrusted to him within the framework of his department.

Required profile

The profile of the candidate must meet the following expectation:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business management, finance, accounting or similar field;
  • 2 years of experience in a similar position.


  • Master performance analysis tools;
  • Master the commercial procedures of SIAGRO;
  • Have knowledge of commercial law and accounting;
  • Master the organization of the supply chain;
  • Know the principles of customer relations;
  • Master the rules of inventory management;
  • Master the computer tool and specific management software.

He will also need:

  • Be able to read customer accounts;
  • Be proactive ;
  • Be able to work in a team;
  • Have interpersonal and communication skills.


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