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Billing wizard

Billing wizard

Duties and tasks

  • Receives, points, self-checks and registers the delivery slips (BL) from the Delivery Depot (Dakar, etc.);
  • Self-checks the BL and FAB (BL accompanying sheet) and detects anomalies (absence of stamp, returns, missing items, breakages, etc.) and ensures the effective receipt of the return slips (BR) in the event of anomalies detected ;
  • Ensures invoicing via ERP (sales invoice, credit note)
  • Records invoicing through the maintenance of a dashboard;
  • Transmits to the Accounts Receivable Monitoring Manager for validation of invoices (must, credit note) via the transmission sheet and ensures the return of all invoices for validation;
  • Maintains an invoicing tracking file (BL-invoice);
  • Distributes invoices to sales representatives;
  • Establishes credit note invoices and quotes or proforma invoices;
  • Registers defective products, returns on delivery and repatriations;
  • Ensures self-checking of each invoice issued (debit, credit note);
  • Claims at the Dakar Depot, the BL and BR in accordance with the mentions on the FAB;
  • Ensures at the end of the month the effective invoicing of all BL and BR of the Dakar Depot period;
  • Draws up at the end of the month and sends to Audit and the DAF, the reporting of the anomalies observed in the invoicing of the month;
  • Does not invoice a BL without an FAB attached and systematically requests the Warehouse Manager for any missing FAB;
  • Does not invoice a BL without stamp, returns the unsealed BL to the Warehouse Manager and systematically asks the Warehouse Manager to regularize the stamp on the BL;
  • Carry out any other activity entrusted to it within the framework of its mission.

Desired profile

The profile of the candidate must meet the following expectation:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting / finance or any other similar field;
  • 2 years of experience in a similar position.


  • In-depth knowledge of accounting standards;
  • General knowledge of stock management;
  • Know SIAGRO procedures;
  • Master the Microsoft Office package software (Excel, Word, etc.);
  • Exercise great vigilance;
  • Be organized ;
  • Be able to hold a cash register;
  • Ability to develop dashboards.


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