The Kirène Group has innovated by investing in the development of local sectors such as bissap (hibiscus) and milk, by trying to be present across the entire value chain, from producer to consumer.


In the land of Teranga, the best discussions are held over a glass of bissap. Présséa promotes the Bissap sector by harvesting more than 6 tons of hibiscus flowers each year thanks to women’s groups in the Kaolack region. An entire sector benefits from this initiative, allowing producers to promote their ancestral heritage.


In our country, shepherds consider that good milk also depends on the love we give to our cows. Candia GrandLait contains milk from Senegalese farms from our approved breeders.

The Kirène Group is a major player in the development of the milk sector in Senegal and strongly promotes the collection of local milk from producers in the country.

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