Integrating environmental concerns is second nature to us. This proactive, committed and innovative approach translates into concrete, long-term actions.
  • Our carbon footprint is the total environmental impact of our activities. These repercussions are mainly determined by the use of raw materials, our energy consumption and our logistics platform.

    This is why reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is at the heart of our environmental program.

    To do this, we have implemented several actions thanks to the Bilan Carbone® carried out in 2019, in particular:

    1. Reducing our energy consumption :
      • Reduce PET consumption thanks to the promotion of large formats which is already a reality with us, it is used at 88% for 10 Liter and 1.5 Liter bottles
      • Promote the circular economy in partnership with RECUPLAST, avoid the incineration of packaging and its abandonment in terrestrial and marine ecosystems, 1 ton of PET bottles collected via RECUPLAST corresponds to 3 tons of CO2 avoided
    2. Reducing our energy consumption
      The construction of a solar power plant at the DIASS plant of 1805 kWh/kWp/year, this will allow us to achieve carbon savings of 313 tonnes of CO2 per year and to meet more than ¼ of the energy needs of factory.
      Electricity is highly carbon-intensive in Senegal 1 kWh consumed in Senegal => 0.637 kg CO2e emitted
    3. Selective sorting of waste
      We have been collaborating for several years with the company SOGEVADE for the implementation of a management and recovery system for all our waste produced at our factory in DIASS.

      A selective sorting garbage can has been set up at the Kirène Group’s headquarters to allow everyone in the building to recycle all waste. Thanks to a partnership with CIPROVIS, a waste collection and recovery company, we give them a second life. Thanks to a partnership with CIPROVIS, a waste collection and recovery company, we give them a second life.Jet Accordion:

1.1 Partnership with PROPLAST

Building on its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development, Kirène strives to reduce its carbon footprint, continuously improve its environmental performance in all aspects of its activities and establish partnerships with suppliers to distribute its products in an ecological way.

In accordance with law n°2020-04 of January 08, 2020, the Kirène Group has decided to assume its extended responsibility as a producer and to contribute to this will of the State by implementing an individual program of collection and recovery of plastic waste, in particular plastic bottles.

Thanks to this innovative program, consumers will be able to drop off their plastic bottles at collection points managed by Recuplast, the leader in the collection and recycling of plastics in Senegal. These plastics will be transformed into materials that will be used in the manufacture of new new products (garbage cans, trash cans, shovels, basins, public benches and other innovative uses).

To implement this program and contribute to the construction of a circular plastics economy, the Kirène Group is committed to working with Proplast Industrie through Recuplast on 02 priority areas:

  • Communication and public awareness on the ecological management of plastic waste;
  • The establishment of a system for the collection and recovery of plastic waste.

All the plastics collected within the framework of this individual program will be managed according to the provisions of the law (reuse, reuse, recycling, energy recovery, etc.).
In addition to the general objective, the specific objectives of this project are multiple:

  • Comply with the regulations in force;
  • Reduce the impact of plastics on the environment;
  • Create green job opportunities as part of the implementation of this project;
  • Increase the brand image of Kirène;
  • Educate distributors and consumers on the ecological management of plastic waste;
  • Contribute to the construction of a circular plastics economy.

The expected results of this project are multiple:

  • The strong involvement of distributors and consumers in the collection of plastic products from the Kirène Group;
  • The installation of 10 Recuplast collection points by the Kirène Group;
  • The establishment of a mobile collection system with 02 tricycles and a truck offered by Groupe Kirène;
  • The collection and recovery, as part of this project, of 250 tonnes of plastic per year;
  • The creation of around ten green and decent jobs.
  1. 2. Support from our partners

The Kirène Group also supports distributors, partners and HORECAs (hotels, bars and restaurants) in the management of their plastic materials through the installation of collection bins.
This plastic is collected by PROPLAST INDUSTRIE through RECUPLAST then recovered in a logic of circular economy.

  1. 3. Ecological Support Program with the Collectif des Restaurateurs de la Corniche des Almadies

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Kirène Group is launching an environmental support program in partnership with the Collectif des Restaurateurs de la Corniche des Almadies (CRCA) and the municipality of Ngor.

This program, which aims to be ecological, operational, with simple tools adapted to the size of each restaurant, aims to support establishments in the recycling of plastic and cans thanks to a partnership with TRIVALOR, a waste sorting and recovery structure. .

By joining this program, committed restaurants will be able to promote their environmental approach, through concrete actions, which will ultimately allow them to gradually reduce their impact on the environment.
From an economic point of view, this program aims to reduce the costs related to the management of waste borne by restaurateurs.

The Kirène Group was able to provide restaurateurs with:

  • Garbage cans in front of, inside and at the beaches of each restaurant
  • Collection bins for plastic and cans
  • A system for recovering plastics and aluminum for recycling purposes

This program will also offer environmental debates in restaurants to raise awareness of sustainable development.
As a committed player, the Kirène Group is proud of this support, which will contribute to the preservation of the environment in Senegal.

  • Our Présséa juices and all our products from the Candia range are packaged in Tetra Pak ® aseptic packaging (world leader in the development of biodegradable packaging), which allows them to retain all their flavors and nutritional qualities. The choice of these environmentally friendly packaging also allows us to transport our products without having to use the cold chain and thus limit our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • In line with our commitments to reduce plastic waste, the Kirène Group has naturally put an end to the use of plastic straws on its Candia GrandLait and Candy’Up cartons to adopt a more ecological solution by replacing them with plastic straws. cardboard.
  • Gorée
    The Kirène Group supports the island of Gorée in the implementation of a set of environmental programs, in particular the Zero Waste program and selective sorting in households for the cleanliness of the island. In December 2020, we made available to the municipality 230 bins made of recycled plastic and barrel bins for the collection and sorting of waste to optimize recycling as well as fabric bags to reduce the use of plastic bags. plastics.

In June 2021 : The  Rehabilitation of benches and planters on the cornice of the island

  • 14 planters made with 600 ecobricks
  • 10 benches made with 120 ecobricks
  • for planters
  • Ngor
    For the preservation of the island of Ngor, the Kirène Group has supported the friends of the island of Ngor through donations:
    • 50 bins made with recycled plastic
    • 200 fabric bags
  • World Environment Day in the village of Kirène
    The Kirène Group, a major player in the preservation of the environment, celebrated this day with these employees in the village of Kirène.

    By joining the #GénérationRestauration

    • 6 neighborhoods have been cleaned
    • 100 trees planted
    • Collection of 230 kg of plastics by Recuplast
  • Grand Set Setal at Remembrance Square with Ecolibri

On Saturday September 21, we were alongside Ecolibri   on the occasion of the big Set Setal organized at the Place du Souvenir Africain as part of the World Clean up Day 2019 !

The Kirène Group is proud to have been able to take part in this initiative aimed at cleaning up part of the West Corniche. Many people of good will came to join us throughout the day to manage, in a friendly atmosphere, to remove several hundred kilos of waste from the coast.

A special mention to our partner Recuplast, who did not hesitate to mobilize to lend a hand during this cleaning day.

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