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Candia Le Lait: Senegalese progress
The Kirène Group launches the production and marketing of Candia Le Lait, under the Candia franchise, in association with Sodiaal, the largest dairy cooperative in France. With Candia Le Lait, the Kirène Group is further strengthening its commitment to the development of local sectors. Candia Le Lait contains milk from Senegalese farms from our approved breeders.
Candia 500 ml: new packaging and launch of flavored milk (strawberry and vanilla)
Whole milk or semi-skimmed milk, vanilla or strawberry flavor, the Kirène Group launches a new 500 ml brick format with a clever cap that makes it easy to open and store. Candia flavored milk exists in two formats: Candy'up 200 ml ideal for children and Candia 500 ml which is suitable for children and adults.

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