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Candia, the milk

Since 2005, the Kirène Grouphas marketedmilk under the Candia brand, in association with Sodiaal, the largest dairy cooperative in France.

Candia is UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk produced in accordance with international standards, in order to guarantee the benefits of milk for everyone on a daily basis.

Packaging and Recycling

Candia is packaged in aseptic cardboard packaging, thanks to technology from Tetra Pak (world leader in the development of biodegradable packaging), which allows it to retain its good taste and ensure the best nutritional quality.

Cardboard packaging is an eco-friendly choice due to the high percentage of renewable materials it contains, as well as for its recyclability. The advantage is twofold: it allows resources to be preserved while protecting supplies for the future.

Since April 2020, the Kirène Group has naturally stopped selling plastic straws on its Candia and Candy Up cartons to adopt a more ecological solution: cardboard straws.

This innovation of the Kirène Group is part of our raison d’être and our perpetual commitment to offer healthy and environmentally friendly products to Senegalese consumers.

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